the present moment

K’sPassionate about reducing waste – what those of us fortunate enough to live in consumer societies owe to the rest of the world. Proud to be a trustee of WRAP

Supporting economic inclusion and job creation for refugees in the UK with Breaking Barriers

Fascinated by how change happens, not just how we stop the bad stuff but how we can make it easier for ourselves and others to do the “right” thing. Carrying lots of learning from INASP which provides well-designed support for positive change in 23 countries. But also informed by social psychology, cognitive science, systems thinking.

In search of the balance between collaboration and competition, selfishness and altruism, which surely needs to become a key focus in the anthropocene.  NVC is my go-to tool for navigating between self and other.

Investing in business and enterprise – particularly when oriented to social impact. Focusing on new ventures as a member of Mustard Seed.

A non-executive director at the most creative small publisher I know Liverpool University Press.

Interested in how urban populations can re-integrate with nature (without romanticising the peasant lifestyle). I am supporting Earth Oven Project to offer a deep experience of the elements in the UK and Saha Astitva to bring healthy food to Mumbai and sustainability to small rural farmers in Maharashtra.


the sum of human experience is growing as the world gets older and lives longer” The Economist 8.1.13.     Well, what are we going to do with it?